The Bellefield Great House and its Estate have the distinction of being one of the oldest sugar plantations in Jamaica. This lush tropical estate sits on 10 acres of land, and has been part of the Kerr-Jarrett family holdings for more than eleven generations.

We invite you to tour our beautiful estate and take a step back in time into the life of an 18th century Jamaican planter and appreciate the grandeur and opulence of the "Great Era of the Jamaican Sugar Estate".


Tour Features

  • The Great House

    Culminate the visit at the Great House which is set up as an open house where you will be given a guided tour allowing you an opportunity to browse, review artifacts and read up on the history of an item, the history of the house and the family history.

  • 300 Year Old Guango Tree

    Guests will then be invited to the bank lawn to experience a delightful Plantation luncheon under our 300 year old Guango Tree.

  • The Chattanooga

    Start off with a visit to our 100 year old Chattanooga (miniature version of the original Sugar Mill that would have been on the Estate) operated by our donkey "Willy". Here you will encounter Juff, the Mill worker who will explain the process of making sugar allow you to observe the ancient process that would have been used to make cane juice into wet sugar and molasses in an original boiler house. We invite you to taste freshly squeezed cane juice while you nibble on some raw sugar cane.

  • The Sugar Mill

    Explore the Sugar mill, which was built in 1794, a strong structure that is still standing to this day that was constructed from cut stone that was brought over from the Motherland, as ballast to weight down the ships that came to collect their precious cargo of sugar and rum. Taste our other "liquid gold" - Rum - and learn the secret recipe for Brown Sugar Rum Punch.

Tour Schedules

Tour Days: Monday to Thursday
  Special arrangements can be made for Tours on Friday & Saturday
Tour Times: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Dress Code: Casual
  comfortable shoes recommended
What to Bring: Camera, Hat
4 pax – per tour
Maximum # of Persons: 50 pax – per tour
  * By Appointment Only