Bellefield Great House is the perfect venue to host your wedding ceremony and reception. This 5 star venue sits on 10 acres of lush landscape, a perfect backdrop for that special day. When you choose Bellefield Great House and Gardens for your wedding, you can rest assured knowing that your day will be executed just the way you imagined.


History & Romance

Bellefield Great House and Gardens have the honour of being one of the oldest and most storied sugar plantations on the island. This property tells the tale of great romance and enduring legacy of two distinguished families. Weddings at Bellefield Great House borrow from the epic love story of its owners.

Passion & Honour

For Major General David Kerr, of the Kerr clan of Scotland, his assignment to the Bellefield Estate as a resident physician during a cholera outbreak in the early 1800’s was the beginning of a love so enduring and strong that it would hold this family together for 9 generations. For it was here that he would meet Sarah Newton Jarrett, daughter of the Colonel Jarrett who owned the estate.

Old World Charm

Bellefield provides a lush, intimate setting for weddings. The estate maintains its original glory with cultivated gardens and charming interiors. Imagine yourself under the caress of our gentle island breeze, music merging seamlessly with pristine tabletops, fresh flowers, attentive staff with yor choice of five star menus. The experience is yours to design but romance and ambience are integral as always.

Sophisticated Service

Our sophisticated service and attention to detail ensures that no ceremony is ever the same. Every element of your experience is customized and delivers Bellefield’s signature old world charm. Choose recipes from our Estate Catalogue and explore the grounds to find your favorite location. Show us your vision and we will work with dedication to make your special day an extraordinary reality. We encourage you to contact us anytime so that we can help you create your own little bit of history.